Wildlife Rehabilitation Intakes

Each year, we volunteer our time and resources helping dozens of orphaned and/or injured wild animals in need. The ultimate goal is always to release our New York-native wildlife back into nature.


Here's a preview of some of our intakes. We try to update this page regularly, however, our schedule can get a little crazy when we're busy filling hungry bellies and simultaneously balancing "real life" responsibilities: Be sure to follow our social media pages for updates about our wildlife intakes!

Current Wildlife Under Our Care:

White-Tailed Deer

  • Fawns, orphaned for various reasons. (top Cause of distress is mother doe being hit by a vehicle)

  • intake Dates varying May-August

  • Current fawn Intake count: 8

Red Fox

  • Juvenile fox (this year's baby) trapped in horse barn because property owners did not want him there. Upon arrival, we found that he was suffering from mange (Easy explanation as to why he was going closer to humans: Mangy foxes are desperate for easy shelter and food Sources, such as cat food left out for Barn cats.)

  • intake Date 9/24/2020

  • Male, Name Given by sponsor: "Huff"

  • Update - Received treatment and then Released

Red Fox

  • Kit visited residence daily to eat cat food, no mom in sight, too young to be on his own. homeowner trapped

  • intake Date 5/6/2020

  • Male, Name Given by sponsor: "Finster"

  • UpDate - Released

Red Fox

  • Lactating mother hit by a car, kit trapped by animal control

  • intake Date 5/11/2020

  • Female, Name Given by sponsor: "Peach"

  • UpDate - Released

Red Fox

  • Lactating mother hit by a car

  • intake Date 4/26/2020

  • 2 Males, 1 Female, Names Given by sponsors: "Ricky", "Dami", "Danny"

  • UpDate - Released

Red Fox

  • Caught In trap, set to be killed until rescuers stepped in

  • intake Date 4/20/2020

  • Male, Name Given by sponsor: "Rubio"

  • UpDate - Released

Eastern Cottontail

  • Dog disturbance 

  • intake Date 4/11/2020

  • 3 Intakes

  • UpDate - Released

Red Fox

  • Trapped by a Property owner who wanted foxes removed from property. His rescuer intervened before he was "disposed of".

  • intake Date 5/3/2020

  • Male, Name given by sponsor: "Ford Fox"

  • UpDate - Released 

Gray Squirrel

  • Tree removal, nest destroyed

  • intake Date 4/1/2020

  • 3 Intakes (2 males, 1 female)

  • Names given by sponsor: "Harry", "Ron", and "Hermione"

  • UpDate - Released

Eastern Cottontail

  • Lawn mower accident, nest unable to be located post-accident

  • intake Date 4/12/2020

  • 3 Intakes

  • UpDate - Released

Other Past Wildlife Rehabilitation Intakes:

Here are a few examples of intakes that we've cared for in the past, whom are now living their best life where they belong: in the wild.

Red Fox

       BEFORE                                                                                        AFTER

Flying Squirrel

Cottontail Rabbit


Red Squirrel

                BEFORE                                                                                        AFTER

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