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Help us recoup costs associated with the care of the animals. No gift is too small: every single dollar is appreciated!


We’re in the process of building a large, escape-proof fenced area for all of our rescued foxes! This area is going to double as a perimeter fence (surrounding all of their enclosures), as well as a giant “fox yard”. This is going to be a great piece of enrichment for the foxes, as they’re going to be able to have more room to run and play, and a change of pace from their usual enclosure. This is our biggest - and most EXPENSIVE - project yet, and we need your help to make it happen! 


We do not receive funding from the state or any other agency for the wildlife rehab work we do. We rely on donations, or pay for care and supplies with money out of our own pockets.


Caring for this many canines gets pricey! Each one of the beloved foxes has a high quality diet that includes, but is not limited to, fresh meats and produce. They are also provided any necessary veterinary care, kept up to date with vaccinations, given monthly parasite preventatives, and provided with toys and enrichment activities.

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