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Help us help more animals
Since we're a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, donations are tax-deductible!

Help us get construction started on our new 7,200+ square foot fox building!

Phase 1: Meeting our goal for our collaborative Arctic Fox Daily x Walking Wild Rescue fundraiser, which will give us $25,000 to get started with. If we hit this, we should be able to begin construction as early as the end of May! Our estimated total cost of this project is close to or over $100,000

Click here to donate to this campaign and/ or view in real-time how close we are to hitting this fundraiser goal

PLEASE NOTE: If you'd like to donate to this specific fundraiser OUTSIDE OF GoFundMe, please ADD A MEMO LINE stating so.

This way, we can allocate these funds to this project and make sure Walking Wild gets 50% of the donation.

Help us recoup costs associated with the care of the animals. No gift is too small: every single dollar is appreciated!

Through our PayPal link, you can also set up a recurring donation - simply check the "make this a monthly donation" box.


Look Us Up via Email:   

Hard Copy Check

Mail a check payable to

Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue, Inc. :

PO Box 300, Williamson, NY 14589

Ask your employer if their business wants to make a tax-deductible donation!

Want to send the animals a bag of food, or a gift card to offset our dry food costs? Check out our Chewy Wish List:

Click Here to View Our Wish List  

...Or check out our Amazon Wish List:

Click Here to View Our Amazon Wish List  

We post items and ideas on here - both big and small - that we are currently in need of. If the items are sold on Amazon, you have the option of purchasing them and having them shipped directly to us!


To care for our wildlife rehabilitation intakes and sanctuary residents, we rely completely on donations.

All wildlife we care for is given a proper, high-quality diet, which includes, but is not limited to, commercial food, fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables, as well as food items that they'd naturally find in their wild habitat. They are provided any necessary veterinary care, vaccinations, parasite preventatives, and enrichment items.

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