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Do you love the wildlife that we raise? Consider becoming a sponsor!

One-time sponsor donations are an extra fun, rewarding way to donate, because you get to help us name the wildlife that we take in! 

Your sponsorship helps us provide care to all of the babies that we take in, and will be used where most needed to care for our current wildlife intakes.

If and when we receive a member of the species mentioned in your sponsor bracket, a sponsor in said bracket will be contacted to make their donation and help us choose a name for the animal (in order of when their form was received).

We have a few different levels of sponsorship available:

Option 1: Become a small mammal nest sponsor. One-time $40 donation.

  • A small mammal sponsor will help cover some of the costs associated with raising a nest of squirrels or rabbits to releasable age.

Option 2: Become a canine sponsor. One-time $100 donation.

  • A canine sponsor will help cover a chunk of the costs associated with raising a single fox to releasable age. Foxes are an expensive animal to raise, as they require a variety of fresh foods in their diet, vaccinations, large pre-release enclosures, and parasite preventatives. Foxes stay with us through the end of the summer, to ensure they're mature enough for release.

Option 3: Become a deer sponsor. One-time $125 donation.

  • A deer sponsor will help cover a chunk of the costs associated with raising a single white-tailed deer to releasable age. Deer are an especially expensive animal to raise, both because of their size, and also because they need to be kept under our care longer to ensure they're mature enough for release. Our fawns are also at a high risk for coming down with bacterial and viral infections, and oftentimes require many medications.

Please Note


  1. Unfortunately, wildlife rehab is oftentimes heartbreaking: Animals that we take in may have silent ailments that we are unaware of, or may come down with one of nature's annual infections. Because of this, we want to be open with our sponsors, and make sure that everyone is aware of the possibility that a wild animal they name could pass away. We put our heart, time and resources into every wildlife orphan we take in, and try our best to ensure that they thrive and make it to release day!

  2. The wildlife orphans that we take in need to have limited contact with humans, so that they remain wild enough to be releasable. Because of this - even if you are a local sponsor - we cannot allow you to visit the wildlife.

  3. When sponsors are chosen to name an orphan, they should feel free to contact us via email for updates about that animal!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please submit the form below:

Thanks for submitting! You should receive an email shortly.

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