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Dog Food

Products we use (honestly, we really use them) and love enough to recommend. If you purchase through one of our Amazon affiliate links, our family earns commission!

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tineco s5_edited.jpg

Tineco S5 Vacuum/Mop Combo - Went down a rabbit hole of research - tried and returned multiple products - before deciding on this brand and generation. It's a big purchase and a splurge, but this thing is a GAME CHANGER for hard floors (coming from a family with kids and endless pet fur).

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air purifier.jpg

LEVOIT Air Purifier - If this can help clean and freshen the air when I have to house an extremely odiferous fox indoors, trust me, it can help normal, day-to-day dander and pet smell.

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waterproof blanket.jpg

PetAmi Waterproof Blanket - I needed something that would protect against liquids (think dogs after the rain, kids with drinks, etc.) to throw on our couch, but still wanted it to be aesthetically-pleasing and cozy. This blanket is awesome!

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