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Nuit, Ruby, Cedar, and Judy - Captive-born Red Foxes

In March of 2020, we were asked to assist in an elaborate rescue mission and confiscation of almost thirty foxes. We kicked into gear, and worked hard to prepare space for them, with only days notice.

These foxes are all various domestic color morphs of the Red Fox species. They were confiscated from a premises where they were not being cared for properly, and were being kept illegally. Originally, these foxes were born on a fur farm (destined to eventually be killed for their fur). Needless to say, the beginning of their lives was pretty rough! Several fox rescuers from around the United States worked together to make sure these foxes had safe places to go once they were removed from the premises. We ended up coming home with nine of these foxes. We were able to find forever-homes in other sanctuaries and nature centers for five of the nine foxes, and four of them remain permanently under our care:






Other captive-bred or non-releasable foxes who we've helped to place into permanent homes or have temporarily housed here due to emergency situations:

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