Help us name our newest rescue foxes!


We will be drawing names for the foxes on Saturday, May 9, 2020, at 9:00AM EST

These foxes were confiscated from a premises where they were not being cared for properly, and were being kept illegally. Originally, these foxes were born on a fur farm (destined to eventually be killed for their fur). Needless to say, the beginning of their lives was pretty rough!

To help cover some of the initial costs associated with this rescue mission (travel, enclosures, medical care, parasite preventatives, neutering, etc.), and to recoup our rescue fund, we thought this would be a fun way to name these foxes and have you guys involved in it!

How to submit a name entry:

For each $2.00 contribution, you can submit a name entry! There is no limit to how many $2.00 entries you can submit - for example, submit multiple entries for one fox, or submit one for each fox!

In the memo line of your contribution, please be sure to say which fox you are entering a name for.

Example:    Male #2


To make your contribution and submit your entry, go to our PayPal Pool for our captive-bred fox rescue, by clicking here.

(We prefer this method, so we can keep track of the contributions in one place. If, however, our PayPal pool is not working for you, you can go to our "Contribute Now" page, and use one of the other contribution methods.)


Below are our foxy friends who need naming:



Female #1

IMG_7634 - Copy.jpg

Male #1


Female #2


Male #2


Female #3