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About Us:


"My name's Kim. My family and I reside in New York State. I have a federal license that allows me to legally own and educate about our two Arctic foxes, Toto and Lulu, and our Red fox rescues. All of the foxes in our possession were born in captivity, and were not taken from the wild. I enjoy helping people learn about the pros and cons of exotic pet ownership, love sharing a look into the behaviors and lives of these beautiful animals, and enjoy educating about their roles in our ecosystem.

Separately, I am also a state-licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, which allows me to legally volunteer my time raising orphaned and injured wildlife, with the ultimate goal always being release back into the wild. This non-paying work is time-consuming, many times heartbreaking, but most of all - it's an incredibly rewarding hobby!"

We are personally responsible for all costs associated with wildlife rehabilitation and domestic fox rescue, and receive no funding from the government or any other agency. We rely on donations, gifts from our wish list, or money out of our own pockets.


I, Kimberly, am a licensed individual, not a nonprofit organization.

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